Voice Caddie VC300 Golf GPS Review

The Voice Caddie vc300 is a beautiful looking and highly convenient golf gps device. It is designed to fit neatly on the brim of your golf cap, with a friendly voice giving you the important yardages.

First impressions of the Voice Caddie vc300 are that this is a quality device. It comes in a box similar to an iPhone and the quality and care taken in the design and presentation are very evident. It has, in fact, already won awards for its design.

Voice Caddie VC300 - Technical Specs

  • The VC300 weighs only 0.8oz (24g)
  • Comes pre-loaded with 30,000 courses
  • 40,000 course are available online for free download
  • No subscription fees
  • Rechargeable battery (8 hours of continuous use)
  • Available in black or white

Voice Caddie VC300 Golf GPS ReviewUnique, Stylish and Accurate

The vc300 can be worn on your belt, but it is primarily designed to be worn on your golf cap. It even comes with a magnetic ball marker which attaches to the underside of the clip.

With one click of the Voice Caddie you get an accurate yardage to the centre of the green.

You can adjust the volume to 7 different levels so your playing partners will not be disturbed by your private caddy helping you.

The VC300 automatically detects the course you are on and I found it did this quickly, certainly faster than some other popular gps devices.

It automatically moves onto the next hole once you move to the next tee box. In case it doesn't, or you decide to skip holes, then you can manually adjust the hole you are on.

A yardage to the centre of the green can be found at any point by clicking on the device.  With a swipe in one direction your receive the yardages to the back of the green - a swipe in the other direction and you recieve yardages to the front of the green.

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Wow! - How Far Was That?

You can even use the Voice Caddie to measure the length of a particular shot.

Play your shot and then click and hold the unit until it tells you it's measuring your shot. Walk to your ball and do the same - instantly you are given an accurate yardage.

This helps you know the distance you actually hit with each club. As you build this information it makes selecting the correct club for any given distance an even more accurate decision. This can only help your game, and your scores.

Voice Caddie vc300 gps golfMultilingual Golf Advice

The vc300 can talk to you in 8 languages - English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Changing language is easy once you hook it up to a computer using the provided usb cable.

Once hooked up to VC Manager (on the company website) you can download course updates for free.

Voice Caddie VC300 - On The Course

I really love the vc300 and nothing would make me happier than to say that it was perfect, but that wasn't my experience.

During one of the rounds I used it there were 4 or 5 holes where it went "dark" and the course I was on was no longer detected.

I was using another product from a different manufacturer at the same time and that was working with no difficulty. The day was overcast and very cloudy, and perhaps this contributed to the situation.

From time to time many gps devices lose a connection with satellites, but I found the situation to be frustrating - when you use a device you want to be able to focus on golf, not the gps.

That being said, it may never happen again with the vc300, but I want to be honest in my reviews.

VC300 Review - Summary

Voice Caddie have produced a wonderful looking product in the vc300. It's unique, fun to use, and gives accurate yardages.

For those looking for an alternative to bulky watches and large phone-like gps devices this could be the perfect choice.

With no download or subscription fees it makes it a highly attractive purchase, and perhaps an ideal gift for yourself, or the golfer in your life.

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