Swing Caddie SC100 Review

For years the top golfers have had swing and launch monitors to analyse the important metrics of their golf swing. Technology then filtered down to enable regular golfers to visit specialist centres where they could find out their swing speed and distances with each club.

The good news is that with the introduction of the Swing Caddie SC100, the Voice Caddy company have brought this technology into the golf bags and pockets of everyday golfers like you and I, and at a price that makes it a no brainer for those committed to developing their game.

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The Swing Caddie SC100 is very easy to use - simply place a it a few feet behind your ball and after every shot it will show you

  • Swing Speed
  • Ball Speed
  • Carry Distance (how far the ball travels before it first hits the ground)
  • Smash Factor (see below for more on this)

Swing Caddie SC100 Featureswing Caddie Sc100 review - Swing Caddie SC100

  • Sturdy construction with corner protectors
  • Fits easily into your back pocket or golf bag
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Measuring range of 30 - 302 yards (can be configured to metres if you wish)
  • Doppler radar sensor
  • Battery life of around 20 hours (4x AAA Duracell batteries come in the box)
  • Beautifully packaged and comes with a softy carry case

It Makes Golf Practice Fun And Relevant

The sad truth is that for most golfers time spent at the range is a case of "scrape and hit". Drag a ball towards you, hit it into the distance, drag another, hit it into the distance, trying to find "something". It's often somewhat aimless and has no real focus.

The Swing Caddie has the ability to freshen up time at the golf range and to bring some purpose to your practice.

The SC100 has three modes:

Practice Mode: This allows you to hit the ball and get the all-important numbers instantly. You input the club you are using and this information is recorded so you can see your track your average carry distance for every club (invaluable information when on the course), as well as the other stats.

Target Mode: You set a distance and then play to that distance. You are awarded points for how close you get and you play in groups of 10 shots, so you get an overall score for every game. This mode allows you to fine tune your distance control.

When using the SC100 in this mode I enjoyed playing to my chosen yardage with different clubs - this gives you options as to the angle you want your ball to drop to the target, and the amount of run you want after it lands.

Random Mode: Similar to Target except this time the Swing Caddie gives you random distances - this keeps you on your toes and gets you playing a variety of shots, similar in some ways to what we encounter when we are out on the golf course. Again you are awarded points for accuracy and you receive a score at the end of your group of shots.

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What Is "Smash Factor"?

Smash Factor is a measurement of how well your club face impacts with the golf ball. This is calculated by taking your ball speed and dividing it by your club head speed. Bubba Watson is round 1.52, Tiger Woods around 1.48 and the average amateur is apparently around 1.2.  Read an article about it here

wing Caddie SC100 in the box - Swing Caddie SC100

Swing Caddie SC100 - My Real World Review

I have to confess that I really love this product. I'm a bit of a sucker of stats and this ticks my boxes. The SC100 is easy to use, gives enough information to be extremely useful (but not too much that you get lost in the numbers) and it instantly allows you to make adjustments to your swing and setup based on actual facts and proper feedback.

I've used it and played around with grip pressure, tee height, stance and ball position and it has allowed me to get beneath the skin of my swing and see how slight adjustments in those factors can translate into extra yards. When you normally practice you essentially make a guess as to the distance you've hit but with the Swing Caddie SC100 you have accurate figures and feedback.

The unti attracted a lot of attention when I used it and feedback from other golfers who had a few swings using it was 100% positive. It seems that Voice Caddie have released a product that golfers are very ready to embrace.

The SC100 is very affordable and if you are committed to developing your golf game then this should definitely be high on your shopping list.

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