Sonocaddie V500 Golf GPS Review

The Sonocaddie V500 golf GPS is one of the most advanced units on the market, loaded with dozens of features that make it stand out from the competition. It is the big brother of the Sonocaddie v300. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the Sonocaddie v500 and tell you if it is worth the US$299 / UK£299 it costs.

Sonocaddie v500 – Modern Design And Top Performance

The Sonocaddie V500 is sleek and would look as much at home in an Apple store as it would on a golf course. The large 3″ high resolution (240×400 pixels) LCD touch-screen is sheer joy to use and performs admirably even in bright sunlight.

The unit itself has just two buttons – left and right – and the touchscreen is easy to use and responsive. The device works on a rechargeable battery that provides up to 12 hours of non-stop power.

This golf gps device is just 0.8 inches thick and weighs in at a mere 4.57oz. Unlike bulky rangefinders and other golf GPS units, carrying the Sonocaddie around is effortlessly easy. However, the touchscreen definitely impacts the device’s durability and you will have to take certain precautions when using it on the course, though the unit is waterproof and can stand a fall of a few feet without any damage.

The user interface is simple and clear and gets the job done without much fuss. All the information you need – distance to the green, shot distance, etc. – is available at a glance. The touch screen makes navigation a breeze. After a week of using it, you will definitely not miss the familiar click of buttons.

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Sonocaddie v500 – Features and Technology

Now comes the more important part: features and the underlying technology. The Sonocaddie V500 performs admirably on both counts and is loaded with features backed by the latest GPS technology.

One thing we really liked about the V500 is that it comes with course maps pre-loaded. You don’t have to bother with registering on the manufacturer’s website, install a bunch of software, then sift through thousands of maps to start playing. You can hit the golf course straightaway and use the device right out of the box.

Other Features

The touch screen makes using the device a real delight. The maps are modeled in great detail and look absolutely gorgeous in high resolution. A feature called “Video Flyovers” gives you a brief overview of the entire hole, highlighting the direction from tee to green. You can get exact distances to any point on the map with the single touch, courtesy of the “Touch Point” technology. No more fiddling around with bulky laser rangefinders anymore!

The Sonocaddie V500 tracks your shots and measures their distancefor easy review. It also calculates your score with a single touch and stores it for later. You can store up to 100 scorecards this way.

Besides the course maps it also includes satellite imagery for every course. Further, you can customize each map to include/remove any modifications made at the course.

Sonocaddie v500 – Price & Setup

Setting up the Sonocaddie V500 is easy since it comes pre-loaded with all the basic course maps you might need. You can connect it to your computer via a USB cable and head online to the manufacturer’s website for downloading additional features like detailed maps, satellite imagery, video flyovers, etc. These additional features require a membership fee ($49.95 annually), but as of now, the first year of membership is included free of cost with the device.

The Sonocaddie V500 isn’t too expensive at $299, especially when you consider the competition. Further, the membership fees isn’t really required if you don’t need more advanced features (and if truth be told, you can have a great experience with the basic maps alone).

Sonocaddie V500 Golf GPS User Reviews

“I own the V500 as well as the V300. I feel the accuracy is as good as any of the other GPS’s that I have tested them against. As for the V500 maps seem pretty good to me and I have played with mine at least 6 or 7 times since I got it. Standing in the middle of the fairway on many of the courses that I have played, and directly on the yardage markers. The V500 is spot on in most cases and comparing against my playing partners units of various manufacturers, it is right on as well. The color maps are beautiful and as for the satellite images that I have. The quality is far superior to my uPro, but a little hard to see in direct sunlight but still pretty good considering my not so perfect eye site.”

“The touchscreen is so easy to use and the facility to touch a point on the hole you are playing will give the distance to that point and onwards to the green. This was a great help when playing doglegs and finding layup areas. The mark facility is helpful when you are checking the yardage you actually hit a ball, or seeing how far you have smashed the drive. The ability to edit holes will be helpful when your green committee make their annual improvements to your course; new bunkers and greens can be included and the old ones deleted.”

Sonocaddie v500 – Summary

The Sonocaddie V500 is one of the most advanced golf GPS units on the market, loaded with features not found in more expensive GPS units. The touch screen looks absolutely gorgeous and is a delight to use. At just $299 with a free membership to boot, it also provides great value for money.

If you’re interested I would recommend going to amazon to check out more reviews as there have been some concerns reported with the level of course availability, and you may want to see what other users have to say about that issue and the Sonocaddie v500.

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