Sonocaddie v300 Golf GPS Review

The Sonocaddie V300 is a feature-rich, easy to use golf GPS unit that performs remarkably well on the course. Well designed, affordable (US $220, UK £230), and loaded with enough features to satiate the most discerning of golfers, it is among the better golf GPS devices on the market today.

Sonocaddie V300 – Design, Construction & User Interface

Unlike its more expensive brother, the Sonocaddie V500, the Sonocaddie V300 features a more traditional GPS design with a large, 2.2″, bright LCD screenwith backlight which allows it to function well even under direct sunlight.

Five buttons on the front face are used to navigate through the interface. While the V500’s touchscreen makes it effortlessly easy to get the distance between two points, the Sonocaddie V300’s design requires a bit more effort to operate.

Construction wise, the Sonocaddie V300 is sturdy and weighs just 4.95oz – far lower than many other GPS units on the market. The device is waterproof and a bright green band around the edges makes it stand out on the course. While not particularly sleek, the design gives off the impression of solidity.

The user interface is quite plain and does the job adequately. You won’t find anything extraordinary here – Sonocaddie has stuck to familiar features that make the device very easy to use. The device runs on a rechargeable battery that provides up to 12 hours of continuous power.

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Sonocaddie v300 – Features & Technology

The Sonocaddie V300 uses some of the most advanced GPS technologyavailable on the market today. You can calculate the exact distance to any point on the course map at the touch of a button. Unlike a laser rangefinder, you don’t need a clear line of sight to the target.

The Sonocaddie V300 has all the standard features you would expect from a golf GPS. This includes shot-by-shot tracking, a distance calculator to calculate the distance of your last shot, a digital scorecard that allows you to finally get rid of those ridiculous little pencils, and a comprehensive course guide that will give you the distance to any point.

Check Out The Green

Other features include a ‘Green View‘ which gives you a bird’s eye view of the green and the distance to it from your present location. This little feature is great for making sure you hit just the right shot. It can also track waypoints around the course and store them for later review. Plus, with customization options, you can personalize a favorite course map to suit your playing style.

Price & Setup

Setting up the V300 golf gps is quite easy. After plugging in the device into the USB port, you will be prompted to install the device driver software. After this, you can log in online and download the course(s) you want.

Sonocaddie V300 Golf GPS User Reviews

“I’ve used the Sonocaddie for a couple months now and so far I like it. I keep score on the GPS, and have added in things like the 150yd markers, trees, corners, etc. that I use for club selection depending on how far out I want to be from a green. I’m pretty good at stepping off distances from yard markers but the V300 eliminated the need for that.”

“I have now used this for six rounds. Easily inputs new marks – such as a newly remodeled lay up area and the tree I always hit! Very intuitive. Automatically progresses to next hole once I put in my score. Very accurate when I measure it against yardage markers. The analysis is very informative when you use the “pro” scorecard. This one is a winner!”

“I am a 3 handicapper and have been using my V300 for about 18 months. In this time I have found it to very reliable, also very accurate with the yardages it gives me. I have used a number of sat navs in the past but have found the V300 to be the most accurate and easiest to use.”

V300 Summary

Advanced and easy to use, this is one of the better golf GPS units on the market. Whilst not as well-rounded as the V500, the Sonocaddie v300 gets the job done and at an extremely affordable price.

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