Snooper Shotsaver SLR500 Laser Range Finder Review

The Snooper Shotsaver SLR500 golf laser range finder is a well priced device that is sure to help all golfers improve their game through getting accurate yardages.

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Many golfers use gps devices and there is no doubt that they can help bring your score down.

Personally, as I get closer to the pin I want exact distances, not just a rough idea. After all 5 yards either way is about 1 club difference.

Knowing the precise yardage allows to to choose the perfect club for your shot, and to execute your swing with total confidence.

Snooper Shotsaver SLR500 - First Impressions

Snooper Shotsaver SLR500 golf laser range finder review - Snooper Shotsaver SLR500 LaserThe first thing you notice as you remove your SLR500 from its box is the size of the unit.

It fits nicely in the hand with dimensions of 104 × 72 × 41mm (approx 4 x 2.8 x 1.6 inches). It has a rubberised feel on the top and bottom so it stays safely in your hand, helpful when it rains, or your hands are wet.

The last thing you want is uneccessary weight in your bag and the Shotsaver laser helps as it weighs in at only 185 grams (about 6.5 ounces).

The unit looks pretty slick, and is available in white or black finish. It comes supplied with a lithium battery, carry case and a karibiner to secure your case.

If you are a spectacle wearer then you'll be pleased to know that the focus is easily adjustable ensuring sharpness for you when you remove your glasses to use the device.

Shotsaver Golf Laser - On The Course

The Shotsaver has 6x magnification and nice bright optics so even if the light level is low you will be able to pick out your target easily.

One of the things I like is that the screen is simple and uncluttered. You place your target in the middle of the screen, press the button on the top of the unit and instantly you have the correct yardage (it also gives metres if you prefer).

With the "Pole Position" feature enabled (as simple as one press of a button) the Shotsaver SLR500 laser rangefinder will pick out a foreground object from other objects in the background.

This is helpful if you have trees or bushes behind the flag and ensures your are clubbing and swinging accurately.

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Golf Laser Rangefinders - It's Not Just About The Flag!

Of course, using a laser isn't confined to getting yardages to flags. You can use a laser rangefinder to get an accurate distance to the front of the green, a bunker, a particular point of the fairway etc.

As long as you can see it, you can laser it! And you know the distance is bang-on.

The Shotsaver SLR500 can give a distance on objects up to 800 yards away, and on a flag up to 350 yards, so it covers any situation you are likely to need it for.

Snooper Shotsaver SLR500 Laser - Conclusion

This is a really nice golf rangefinder, at an affordable price. With its bright display, light weight and accurate readings it is sure to be a popular addition to many a golf bag.

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