Pargate 2000 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

The Pargate 2000 TPX golf laser range finder is the top of the range offering from this Scandinavian company. With Smart Scan and Target Seek Plus technology along with a powerful 7x maginification it promises a lot – but does it deliver?

Out of The Box

The Pargate PG 2000 TPX takes over and improves upon the Pargate PG 2000 CX.  The first thing you notice about the Pargate 2000 TPX is it's striking looks - available in all-black, orange, white and lime green variations.  To my eye, the orange and black colors work very well and it appears to be a stylish and high-end product. It comes with a sturdy carrying case and strap.

The unit feels good to carry, and is rubberized on the top and bottom, meaning it is easier to hold when things get wet.

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Pargate 2000 TPX golf laser rangerfinderPargate PG 2000 TPX - Tech Spec

The 2000TPX has a range of 5-1900 yards (accurate to +/- 1 yard), with can picking out a flag at around 410 yards, so it will work well for all golfers. Obviously on a larger object, such as a bunker, that range is greatly increased, so this golf laser rangefinde accomodates the needs of even the really big hitters.

The Smart Scan mode mean that as you move the rangefinder the distances displayed change as the laser hits each object, so it is perfect for getting a quick range of numbers such as pin, front bunker, side bunker, water - all in one reading.

The Target Seek + works by sending out a number of laser pulses and the shortest measurement is displayed - perfect if your flag is in front of another object like a tree (you get the correct yardage).

The Pargate 2000 TPX has greater yardage capacity that it's earlier incarnation, but where it really excels is in the improved viewfinder LCD display.  It's incredibly easy to be confident in the reading you get and to focus precisely on your chosen target.

Pargate PG 2000 TCX - On The Course

I really enjoyed using this unit and found it mighty impressive on longer yardages. The bright, clear optics coupled with the 7x magnification meant that I had no problems in locating my targets and I felt great confidence in the measurements provided.

Pargate PG 2000 TPX - Summary

At around £270 the Pargate 2000 TPX isn't the cheapest of golf rangefinders, but you are getting tournament-level performance. If it's the best you are looking for, then this unit is definitely worthy of consideration. You get much improved performance over the 2000 CX model without paying any extra

With it's excellent and clear viewfinder and accuracy over a long distance, as well as it's overall quality I have no hesitation in giving it a very strong recommendation.

Check Out The Pargate Range At Pargate UK

For those of you interested in the earlier model, here is the review I made of the Pargate PG 2000 CX golf laser rangefinder.