Pargate 1500 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

The Pargate 1500 CX is the middle of the range offering from this Scandinavian company. Featuring a scan mode it performed well in challenging conditions, but it may just be a little overshadowed by it’s big brother the 2000TPX. At around £210 it isn’t cheap, so what does this golf DMD (distance measuring device) have to offer?

First Impressions

With it's striking, modern looks, the Pargate PG 1500 CX is certainly pleasing to the eye. It is available in all-black, orange, white and yellow finishes.

Pargate 1500 Golf Laser Range FinderThe good news is that it performs as well as it looks. With its 7x magnification and bright, clear optics it is ridiculously easy to find your target. A couple of presses on one of the top buttons and you will find yourself SMART-scanning the relevant areas and receiving accurate yardages.

If you want a fixed (non-scanned) yardage then that's simple to get - just press the button when your target is in your sights and voila- there you have it!

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Technical Stuff

Pargate claim the range on this unit at 12-1,045 yards, although the accurate range on an object the size of a flag is around 210 yards (good enough for most of the shots we will play). It is accurate +/-1 yard, and measurements can be changed from yards to meters at the touch of a button.

If you wear spectacles then you'll be happy to hear that the focus can be adjusted to suit your vision. It comes with has a strong, but light, protective case.

Field Test

I used the Pargate 1500 CX golf rangefinder for four rounds and really loved using it. It's light and with it's bright optics I found it worked well even when light levels were low.

Pargate 1500 golf laser range finderOn a couple of occassions I received readings that I thought were inaccurate, but decided to club to the length the rangefinder gave me, rather than what I thought was the correct yardage. That was a good call as I made it to the greens, rather than into bunkers!

 I used this on a few days when it was windy and found the SMART scan a real blessing. Although there was movement it was very obvious when the number to the flag was visible, rather than the yardage to the area behind the flag. This gave me a lot of confidence in using it, and I'm sure that the 7x magnificationhelped a lot with this.

In 2012 Pargate released an improved version of this and it has a clearer LCD viewfinder display which makes it easier to locating the pin, or other target, and know that your yardage is accurate.


If the Pargate 1500 CX were the only golf rangefinder on the market then I would recommend buying it without hesitation. But...

When I compare the 1500 with two of it's closest competitors then I'm afraid it gets squeezed a bit. The Bushnell Tour V2 does a good job, and although it has a smaller magnification than the Pargate 1500 CX (x5, rather than an impressive x7), it does cost less.

On the other hand, the Pargate PG 2000TPX gives you everything the 1500CX does, but with a more powerful yardage range and an amped-up Target Seek function, although at a higher price.

Ultimately you choice is yours, but even if you do decide that the Pargate 1500 CX is the one for you, then rest assured you are getting yourself a mighty impressive piece of kit.

Check Out The Pargate Range At Pargate UK