Nite Hawk Golf Ball Finder Review

The Nite Hawk Predator is a torch which allows you to find golf balls in low light levels. Small and easy to handle it is highly effective and can pay for itself within minutes.

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To be honest, when I was first approached about doing a review on this product I was a little skeptical. I have tried other ball-finding products in the past and have been less than impressed. The Nite Hawk Predator, however, delivered surprisingly well.

The Nite Hawk is a well-constructed and lightweight torch made from aluminium which fits easily in your pocket.

It helps you find balls in low light (or no-light) situations so it's not something you would use when play golf. It emits a low wavelength of light which makes golf balls "illuminate" when shone in their direction.

Finding Golf Balls Is So Easy

Nite Hawk Golf Ball Predator - Nite Hawk Golf Ball FinderThe manufacturer claims that even if 1% of the ball's surface is visible you should be able to find it. Having used the Nite Hawk I can believe this. I've been out with it twice. The first time was to film the video you see above when I found 35 balls. Many of these balls were embedded in mud or hidden under swathes of grass, yet I was able to see their glow. Yellow balls are particularly easy to find with the Predator.

The second time I went out was with a friend and we looked for 45 minutes, covering 4 holes of the course he works at. We decided to have a contest, and in the end it was a tie, with exactly 40 balls each, and the whole process was easy and fun. I kept the balls I liked and the rest were handed on to another friend.

Even if I play horrendously badly I reckon I've now got enough golf balls to last me for the next year, all from a couple of enjoyable forays onto the course as it was getting dark.

The product is well priced and should pay for itself within a few minutes of ball hunting. It comes in a variety of colours and can be ordered directly from the distributor. I have negotiated a better price for visitors so go via the following link to save some money.

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