Shotsaver SG255X GPS Golf Watch Review

The Shotsaver SG255X is a development of the popular SG250. It has the same level of features and still at a very competitive price but is now better looking and easier to use.

Unlike some gps watches which only give you distances to the green the SG255X will give you yardages to hazards such as bunkers, trees, streams etc.

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Technical Spec

  • Preloaded with thousands of UK and European golf courses
  • Lightweight and Waterproof
  • Battery lasts 8 hours in golf gps mode (one year as a watch)
  • Built in scorecard
  • Automatically converts each hole’s Stableford points according to your handicap
  • Gives you distances to major hazards
  • No annual fees (lifetime updates for free)
  • No configuration needed – charge and go

shotsaver sg255x golf gps watchFirst Impressions

The SG255X is a very nice looking product and an improvement on it’s predecessor. With the addition of some colour on the face and on the Start button it is quite striking. It is the almost-identical twin to the SkyCaddie watch but has more features although they are very similar in price.

I found it lightweight and very comfortable to wear and unrestrictive during the golf swing. The rubberised strap feels very secure and overall it is very stylish. (I actually forgot to take it off after the first time I used it and a couple of people commented on how much they liked my new watch.)

The device comes with a charging clip which you hook up via USB to a computer and it charges reasonably quickly. The manufacturers claim it lasts for up to 8 hours in golf gps mode, so it is good for a couple of rounds of golf.

You can also wear it as a watch and it will last for up to 12 months on a single charge.

Interestingly this device comes with running software pre-installed (choose RUN from the Mode choices) and for a modest payment you can also buy a wireless heart rate monitor which will work with the device.

On The Course

Switch the SG255X to Golf Mode (one press of the green button)  as you get ready to go to the first tee and within a couple of minutes it will show you the course you are on as well as a numbber of other courses in the immediate area. Confirm your choice of course, your handicap and the tees you will be playing from (if you wish), and you are good to go.

The device automatically changes hole as you go from the green to the next tee box, but you can also manually change up and down holes as you choose (perfect if you’re starting on a hole other than the first).

Quick And Easy To Find Information

The most noticable improvement in the SG255X over the SG250 is the presentation of the relevant information. Now you are presented with very clearly with the distance to centre of the green, with the front and back distances in smaller type below. You can choose to have this in yards or metres. I was surprised just what a positive difference a small change such as the presentation of the distances could make to the experience of using the device.

One touch of the 3 o’clock button will display the distance to any major hazard such as trees, streams, lakes, bunkers etc. Having this information is invaluable as it allows you to better course manage your way from tee to green, laying up or having the confidence to carry where appropriate.

shotsaver SG255x reviewKeeping Track Of Your Round

The Shotsaver SG255X has a built-in scorecard and you can also use it to discover the distance you hit any particular shot. This can help you get an accurate picture of just how far you actually hit the ball rather than relying on the old one step is one yard pacing calculations we used to base our distances on in the past.

If you are playing in a Stableford based game the unit will automatically calculate your points score based on your handicap –  a relief for those of us who get a bit mixed up remembering which holes we get an allowance on and how many points we are due.

Showsaver SG255x – Summary

I really enjoyed using this gps watch. One of the rounds I played with it was on a course new to me and my playing partner and we found it invaluable and it saved us both strokes (I was feeling generous and told him the distances I was getting).

Easy to wear, good looking and easy to use I think this will be even more popular than its previous incarnation.

The ability to quickly find the yardages you need can help transform your game and takes the guesswork out of club selection.

Knowing the distance to the green allows you to swing with confidence and keep that little voice in your head quiet. Knowing the distance to that bunker between you and the green simpy adds to that confidence.

The Shotsaver SG255X golf watch gps is very good value for money when compared with other devices in its price range (many of which only give front, middle and back yardages).

To sweeten the deal even further I have negotiated with Shotsaver an exclusive  discount for visitors so be sure to use the discount code when you visit their website.

Buy It From Directly From Shotsaver (use discount code BGG10 for 10% off)

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