Shotsaver SG250 GPS Golf Watch Review

The Shotsaver SG250 gps golf watch is an easy to use device which comes preloaded with over 6,000 UK and European golf courses. Compared to other golf watches it is priced very competitively, but is it any good?

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 Shotsaver SG250 - Technical Spec

  • Preloaded with around 6,000 European golf courses
  • Waterproof
  • Battery lasts 8 hours in golf mode (12 months as a watch)
  • Records your score (including Stableford points)
  • Gives distances to hazards
  • No subscription fees

Shotsaver SG250 golf gps watchShotsaver SG250 Watch - First Impressions

The SG250 looks very like the Sky Caddie watch (I'm assuming they are made in the same factory). The physical shell is exactly the same, but the Shotsaver has more features in it's software.

It has a rubberised strap which feels very comfortable and secure. It is light and although not as slim as a regular watch could certainly be used as a sports-style watch. (It can also be hooked up to a heart rate monitor and has an odometer).

It comes with a charging clip which attaches via USB to any computer. Once charged it is ready to play, straight out of the box.

On The Course

Switch the SG250 to Golf Mode a few minutes before your tee time and it will begin connecting to satellites and searching for golf courses.

If there are a few nearby it will show you the available courses and you confirm the one you wish to play.Immediately the distances to the first green are displayed, along with the par of the particular hole.

On test it located the course in less than 2 minutes. By default the SG250 shows yardages (or metres) to the front, centre and back of the green.

You can also discover if there are any hazards ahead of you before the green, and the yardages. This is very useful information as you may want to know if you can carry a fairway bunker, for example.

Keeping Track Of Your Round shotsaver sg250 gps golf watch

The Shotsaver SG250 allows you to discover just how far you hit any individual shot.

Mark your position, hit your ball, and when you arrive at the stationery ball the yardage will be displayed. This is a nice feature to have when you want to accurately discover the yardages you have with each club.

I used it with my playing partners to have a longest drive competition during one of our rounds of golf (£5 in the pot at the start of the round - I didn't win, but it was a bit of extra fun!).

The SG250 also lets you keep a track of your round with it's built-in electronic scorecard. It automatically works out Stableford points too, which is handy (simply input your handicap and it does the rest).

Showsaver SG250 - On The Course

I used this watch over 3 rounds and had a friend use it on another. Both of our impressions were positive.

It is a good-looking, lightweight device. It is also easy to read.

If you are a right handed golfer it's best to wear the watch on your left wrist so you have no restriction on your right wrist cocking on your backswing.

The SG250 located courses quickly and distances were accurate when compared with laser and on-course yardage readings.

Having the ability to get a yardage on significant hazards proved a life-saver. Having accurate distances to the green is terrific, but knowing how far to a hazard helps you club properly and swing with confidence. Put simply, more information means less chance of dropping shots.

Shotsaver SG250 GPS Golf Watch - Summary

Shotsaver would appear to be onto a winner with the SG250. They have produced a good-looking and accurate gps device.

Not only that, but it stands out in its price range due to the extra features it incorporates over the basic green yardages.

I have negotiated a discount on behalf of visitors from Shotsaver so be sure to use the discount code when you visit their website.

Buy It From Directly From Shotsaver (use discount code BGG10 for 10% off)

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