Garmin S1 Approach Golf GPS Watch Review

If ever a product created a buzz it’s the GPS golf watch, the Garmin Approach S1. Probably the most convenient to use of all golf distance measuring devices, it gives you real-time information to help you navigate your way around the golf course. There is no subscription or annual fee, so what do you get for your money?

Garmin S1 GPS Golf Watch - Seriously Good Quality

The moment you get the Garmin Approach S1 waterproof gps golf watch out of the box you know it's a quality product. With it's rugged good looks, GPS Golf Watch Garmin Approach S1 review - Garmin S1 Approachrubberised strap and clear, sharp face it's something you can comfortably wear on and off the golf course. After it's initial success it is now also available in white, as well as the original black.

The s1 gps golf watch comes with simple, clear instructions, and you initially charge it up using a neat charging claw. There's no need to connect it with a computer as it comes preloaded with thousands of courses.

Once charged it's good for 8 hours in gps mode (so should be fine for 2 rounds of golf). If you use it as a watch then it'll last for about 3 weeks. There's no fiddling about with times as once you charge it up (even on the first occasion) it shows the correct time.

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S1 GPS Golf Watch - So Easy To Use

Getting started is simple as pressing the menu button, choosing your course and within a minute the satellites are acquired and your ready to go with distances to the front, middle and back of the first hole of your chosen course. It really is that simple. (If you're starting on the back 9 you can quickly scroll through to the 10th hole).

Garmin GPS Golf Watch S1 review - white model - Garmin S1 ApproachWith no fussing around finding a device in your bag, or carrying a bulky device in you pockets, getting the data you need is as simple as looking at your wrist. Your playing partners won't even know you are using a gps device as the Garmin Approach s1 gps golf watch just looks like a regular stylish sports watch.

On test the yardages were accurate, and I liked the other features to help you measure the exact distance of a shot and it can tell you exactly how far you've walked. This odometer feature is useful off the course if you walk or run regularly, ensuring your fitness regime stays on track.

Garmin Approach S1 GPS Golf Watch User Reviews

"For the past several years, I have been a big proponent of the laser rangefinder, arguing with my gps rangefinder friends that the laser is more accurate to the pin. After my round today, I am not sure I will ever pull my laser out again. The convenience is unbelievable. I just look down at my wrist, and I have my distance to the front middle and back. I look in the cart at the pin sheet, and subtract or add for a perfect distance. No reaching in the glove box of the cart or fumbling around for a device."

"Fabulous product. I am not primarily interested in all the detail on the full GPS Golf products but just the distance to the green is perfect for me. The Approach S1 is light weight fits on your wrist and allows you to toggle back and forth as a watch while you are playing. One negative is the battery only lasts for a little more than 1 round when in GPS mode."

"I love this product. I've had the Skycaddie and the Garmin larger units and I didn't realize how much of a pleasure it would be not to have to go around to the side of the cart to look at the yardage. Also, the readout on the watch is a lot easier to see than the screens of the larger units."

Garmin S1 GPS Golf Watch Summary

Of course with it's size there is only so much information that can be displayed. If you are looking for more detailed information about distances to hazards and other points on the fairway to help your course management then a hand-help golf gps device with a bigger screen is more what you need.

But if the green yardages are good enough then you probably won't find an easier device to use than the Garmin Approach S1 gps golf watch.

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