Skycaddie SGX – SGXw Golf GPS Review

The Skycaddie SGX is a top of the line golf GPS that will dramatically change the way you approach the game. In this article, we will take a closer look at the SGX, its various features, pros and cons, and tell you whether it is worth the US$300 / UK£300 price tag.

Sky Caddie’s unique selling point is that they have an army of mappers, who quite literally walk every golf course, noting the various points that may come into play (bunkers, points on the green, hazards, turns, tree lines etc). This ensures that the information is highly accurate.

As the company points out in their advertising, it is akin to having a highly qualified and knowledgeable caddie by your side at all times.

SkyCaddie SGX – A Top-Notch Product

The Skycaddie SGX is a top of the line, feature rich golf GPS that will change the way you approach the game and comes pre-loaded with up to 30,000 course maps.

You have to pay an annual membership fee which starts at $30 to make full use of these maps. (Somebody has to pay for all those guys walking and mapping the courses, after all!)

The maps look gorgeous, courtesy of a 3 inch transflective TFT-LCD screen that remains crystal clear even in broad daylight. The device itself features a sleek, durable design.

The SGX features innovations such as Dual Navigation, which allows you to handle and operate the device with one hand.

It also features an advanced GPS engine called TruePoint GPS Precision Positioning Technology for greater accuracy. Compared with earlier SkyCaddie gps devices this one picks up satellite coverage much faster.

You can quickly get a magnified view of the green and the surrounding area, and with the IntelliGreen feature the yardages and image to the front, middle and back of the green update to the particular angle of approach you are playing from.

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It Works -Even In The Trees

Sometimes golfers complain that their GPS devices often fail to work well in certain conditions, or do not receive any satellite signal when the sky is even slightly cloudy. The Skycaddie SGX bypasses this problem with an Omni-directional, high-performance GPS antenna that catches signals from multiple satellites no matter which position it is kept in.

Even if you land in the woods under dense tree cover, you will be pleased to find the Skycaddie SGX working as diligently as ever, courtesy of the high performance GPS antenna.

SkyCaddie SGX – Yardages In Your Hand

The Skycaddie works intelligently to display distances to nearby hazards, carries and layups as you work your way around the course. It works as a third eye (albeit an eye that works on tremendous mathematical precision) and gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire course so that you can plan your game accordingly.

The bright screen with the crystal clear maps is resistant to smudging and will act as your very own caddie, guiding you shot-by-shot, hole-by-hole.

SkyCaddie SGX – Syncing With Your Computer

On the downside, there have been several reported syncing issues with Windows. Considering that the SGX relies so heavily on your computer to load up maps and store records of your game, this is a major issue. Although to the company’s credit, this issue is largely software based and seems to have been completely sorted out.

If you haven’t used a golf GPS before, you might find that the Skycaddie SGX has quite a steep learning curve, particularly if you aren’t computer-savvy. Once it’s up and running, however, it’s a fine product to use.

Other Useful Features

As well as the all important yardages, the SGX can be used as a digital scorecard, and once you get back home you can use the online facilities to keep a track of your all-important stats, and see how your game is progressing.

SkyCaddie SGX Golf GPS User Reviews

“I purchased the SGX after going away from a GPS to a laser for about 2 years. I like the flexibility of a GPS, and the course maps in my area are very good. I find the SGX to be spot on, in many cases more trustworthy than yardage markers on the course (specially when cutting off angles).

“However, the hardware/software side of this device leaves a lot to be desired. The user interface is very slow, not sure if it is an under achieving processor, or bad UI code, or some combination. To view your score or switch views requires navigation that can take the SGX a few seconds, but more importantly can lock and/or crash the device. There seems to be a required update every week, so my guess is they are working on it, but they certainly have not figured it out yet.”

“This device is simply fantastic. It has enough information available to you to make a very well informed decision with every shot. The joystick is sensitive but not overly sensitive. The screen is easy to see especially in direct sunlight. I absolutely love the fact you can turn it to the right and get the green view information and turn it to the left to get scorecard information. Very helpful and I have used this feature with every round.”


The Skycaddie SGX is a great golf GPS that does its job perfectly. Its extensive array of maps and precise information will be more than adequate for any golfer.

With it’s reputation for accuracy and SkyCaddie’s commitment to improving the information delivered the SkyCaddie SGX device that should give you years of use and (importantly) reduce your scores.

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SGX user manual pdf

SGXw user manual pdf


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