Shotsaver Tour Pro S340 Revolution Golf GPS Review

The Shotsaver Tour Pro S340 Revolution is an easy-to-use and fully featured golf gps which covers courses in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

With no subscription costs and a competitive price point it is sure to be popular. But is it any good?

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TourPro s340 Main Features

  • 3″ full colour, LCD sunlight readable display
  • Tour Pro Flyover Technology
  • 2D and 3D Hole View
  • Tour Pro Green View
  • Auto zoom, Auto rotation
  • Club distance recorder and built in scorecard

shotsaver s340 revolution - Shotsaver Tour Pro S340S340 - Getting Started

The S34o arrives well-packaged in an attractive and sturdy box. Once opened you are not disappointed.  The device is good-looking, lightweight and fits snugly in the hand and pocket.

Use the attached USB charging cable to ensure it is ready and you can head straight to the local golf course.

The device holds a charge for up to 7 hours in full TourPro mode, or 14 hours if all you want is basic front, middle and back yardages. It has a battery life indicator so you will not get any nasty sursprises with your unit dying on your mid-round.

On The Course

I was very impressed by how quickly the Shotsaver s340 located the courses I played. Within 90 seconds from initial switch on I had my yardages for the first hole. Once you are on the course the unit really comes into its own.

At any point in your round there is a mass of information at your fingertips, but it is not presented to you in an overwhelming manner. With the amount of features this small unit has it is very straighforward to use and presents information in an intuitive order giving you what you need first.

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How Brave Are You Feeling?

Shotsaver S340 gps lay up - Shotsaver Tour Pro S340

Lay-Up View

The Tour Pro gives you the ability to choose a layup area if you wish.  Simply tap on the screen for your chosen landing area and will be given the yardage to that exact spot. Immediately the distances to the front, middle and back of the greeen are updated to show how far from your chosen spot.

In this way you can lay-up perfectly ensuring that your approach shot is with your favourite club and yardage. This is just one of many ways in which you can improve your course management using the device.

2D, 3D and Flyover Views and Green View

2D View

You have a number of ways to view the hole you are on which show hazards, turns and the green.

2D View is the default mode and is the equivalent of looking from high above and shows the entire length of the hole. As you move closer to the green the image zooms in so you only see what is ahead of you.

3D View is a representation as if you are looking from slightly above your current standing position, so you have an more realistic eye-line view.

3D View

Flyover View does exactly that. It flys from your current position (using the 3D view) and travels the length of the fairway all the way to the green. This is a great feature if you can't see round a dogleg or your view to the pin is obscured by terrain or by trees.

Shotsaver S340 GPS Green View - Shotsaver Tour Pro S340

Green View

Green View shows you the shape of the green, from your angle of approach. It's very useful in determining just how much of the short grass you have to play with when hitting your approach shots. It also shows you the hazards around the green (particularly useful in locating those hidden-from-view bunkers).


Tracking Your Round

The S340 has a four-player electronic scorecard. Enter the name and handicap of each player at the start of the round and enter the number of strokes at the end of each hole to avoid any mistakes when adding up.

As the device knows the Stroke Index of each hole it can also work out Stableford points for each player adjusted to their handicap, automatically giving them their allowance on the appropriate holes. I particularly enjoy this.

Tracking Your Game

Most of us have an idea of how far we hit the ball with the various clubs in our bag, but I found it eye-openeing when I actually measured the distances.

You can discover the distance of any shot by marking the shot and the eventual destination of the ball and the yardage is given to you instantly.

In fact as you play your round you can do this with every shot, inputting the club used, and you can build up an accurate picture of your various yardages. Again this is simply more information that can save you strokes. If you discover you hit a particular club 10 yards shorter than you thought, then perhaps that is why you keep hitting so many greenside bunkers.

And speaking of bunkers you receive a useful Bunker Alert on the screen which shows the yardages to the two closest bunkers to your position.

Hard facts and information help you lower scores and play better and more enjoyable golf

Shotsaver Tour Pro S340 - Verdict

I enjoyed using the s340. It is lightweight and unobtrusive but packs a big punch. I particularly enjoyed using the flyover view as it helps get a sense of how the hole opens up as you move along the length of the fairway.

Bunker yardages were useful and accurate and the ability to tap and get yardages to and from from potential lay-up areas is a handy feature.

All in all using a device such as this can help shave strokes off any round. In fact I was able to shoot well on one particular hole because the device showed me a small river running across the fairway which was completely invisible from the tee, enabling me to swing an easy 3 woood when my driver would have gotten me into trouble.

Price wise this is very competitive when placed side by side with other devices. There are no ongoing subscription fees and you get free course updates for life.

To sweeten the deal even further I have negotiated a discount for visitors from Shotsaver. Be sure to use the discount code when you visit their website.

Buy It From Direct From Shotsaver (use discount code BGG10 for 10% off)

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