Garmin G3 Approach Golf GPS Review

The Garmin G3 Approach golf gps is a great companion to have with you during a round of golf. With a highly visible touch screen it gives you the all-important yardages to help you shoot your way around the course. (Costs around US$270, UK£220)

Garmin G3 Approach – Out Of The Box and Onto The Course

With the Garmin G3 you can get going right out of the box. There is no subscription fee, it does not need to be hooked up to a computer, and it comes preloaded with thousands of courses.

Garmin G£ Approach golf gps review

Simply add batteries, switch on and choose your course. Satellites are typically located within a minute of so, and you are then ready to hit your first tee shot with accurate yardage measurements. It really is that simple.

From Tee to Green – A Serious Contender

A graphic of the entire hole is shown, from tee box to green. Hazards like bunkers and water, turns, and the yardages to the front, middle and back of the green are shown.

You can slide your finger over the G3’s touch screen to where you want you ball to land to get a distance to that point, as well as the distance from there to the centre of the green. The Garmin G3 continously updates yardages as you walk along the fairway.


As you get to approaching the green then it has two features which I found particularly useful. With one tap of the top right of the screen you get a magnified view of the hole with detailed yardages (particularly useful on well-bunkered holes).

Garmin G3 Approach golf gps review

The second useful feature is the ability to move the position of the flag on the screen. So if you see that the flag is at the back left of the green then slide the flag icon on the screen using your finger to the back left of the picture of the green and your yardages are instantly changed. Simple, fast, and it means you choose the right shot and club.

Garmin G3 Approach Dimensions and Features

The G3 is quite light at just over 5oz (around 150g), but it is a sturdy, waterproof and well-constructed unit. The 2.6″ screen works well, even in very sunny conditions, and on test I found it to be very responsive. 2 AA batteries will power the unit allowing it to last up to an impressive 15 hours.

Other features include the ability to preview a course hole-by-holebefore you play it, and you can keep a digital scorecard for up to 4 players, detailed stats for your own game, and keep this information on your computer for analysis. A USB cable is provided in the box, as is a handy belt clip.

Garmin G3 Golf GPS User Reviews

“The main reason I purchased the G3 Approach is it is one of the easiest devices to use. When out on the course, the last thing I wanted to do is fool around with a device. I wanted something very simple to use. The Approach is just that! No buttons, no sequences, just touch the screen for what you want.”

“I bought the G3 to help me read the distances from the green without having to look for the yardage markers and estimating my distance. What a difference this device makes. I have played 4 rounds with this GPS, and when comparing to the distances on my groups or carts GPS, its within 2-3 yards.”

“I have now used my new Garmin Approach G3 for three rounds and it works well. It is accurate to within 3 yards of the laser distances found on the course. The touchscreen takes a little bit to get used to it, but provides a lot of help when trying to lay up on a hole. I purchased some new rechargeable batteries for the product and have not had an issues with battery life while using the product. I just power it on, then let it run for the duration.”

Field Test and Summary

I loved using this unit, and in fact prefer it over the Approach G5. It’s slightly smaller in size, lighter in weight and better value for money.

If you are looking for a practical, easy to use and effective golf gps unit then I can give a very high recommendation to the Garmin G3 Approach.