Callaway Upro MX Golf GPS System Review

The Callaway uPro MX is a golf GPS device that features an advanced touch screen that takes your game to an altogether new level. Easy to use, the Callaway uPro comes with over 25,000 maps pre-loaded and is good to play right out of the box. At around US $200 it represents good value.

Callaway Upro MX

Design, Construction & User Interface

The Callaway uPro MX is housed in aslender, sleek unit with a beautiful, large 2.2″ full color, 320×240 pixels LCD touchscreen that is surprisingly readable in bright daylight. The front face of the unit features just a single button – a design now familiar to us since the dawn of the iPhone.

The GPS has a glossy black finishand will definitely attract some admiring looks. Because of the compact profile and low weight (just 3oz), you’ll hardly notice it in your pocket – a step up from bulky laser rangefinders that can weigh as much as 8-10oz.

The GPS is powered by a rechargeable “C” battery which is good enough for 10-12 hours – slightly lower than the standard 14 hours among the competition, but good enough for a long day on the course nonetheless.

Navigating is a breeze. You get the standard top down view of the hole along with actual satellite imagery, and you can move around using just your finger. Using a single button to move back and forth in the navigation menu makes for easy operation, even with one hand.

Callaway uPro MX – Features & Technology

The Callaway uPro MX is one of the easiest golf GPS units to use on the market, thanks to the 25,000 pre-loaded golf courses. This means you can hit the fairways straightaway without worrying about registering your GPS online (though you will definitely want to register to download specific courses, keep the maps updated, and avail yourself of special features).

You can find out the exact distance between two points with a single touch on the screen. You can also download the ‘SmartView’ feature that shows the ideal view for the upcoming shot based on your current position on the course. This is an invaluable feature that works effortlessly well and is a great feature to have.

In addition to the standard view, you can also download high resolution aerial imagery for certain courses. This shows the course and the surrounding area in vivid detail to give you a better idea of the course and its challenges. You can take things a step further and go Pro with theProMode which is available only to subscribers. The ProMode grants you access to even better high quality aerial imagery for each course, along with additional technical features.

Besides, the MX also includes nifty features like a group and individual scorecard with extensive, track able statistics, and a useful ‘Club Shot Tracking’ mode that tracks all your shots by club.

Price and Setup

Setting up the Callaway uPro MX is quite easy because the unit comes pre-loaded with 25,000 maps. However, to take full advantage of it you will want to register your device on the manufacturer’s website. Connecting the device to a computer is easy with the USB cable (included). Once connected, you need to install the device software and download whichever features you want.


The Callaway uPro MX is one of the cheapest golf GPS units on the market at just $199.99. You can opt for the ‘ProMode’ mentioned above by paying a one-time fee of $29.99 for 25 courses, or $59.99 for unlimited courses.

However, the Callaway uPro MX has witnessed several problemsrecently, with several owners complaining of the unit locking up and the manufacturer’s site being unavailable. Callaway even introduced avoluntary recall of the uPro in response to the complaints.

While it is definitely one of the better, cheaper golf GPS units on the market, the various problems associated with it mean I cannot recommend it, even if you locate a used model at a reasonable price.

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