Bushnell Tour v2 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

The Bushnell Tour v2 answers the biggest question we golfers face on the course – How far? – How far to the pin? How far to beat that bunker? Knowing how far can make the difference between a great round of golf and getting stuck in a sand trap yet again.

Knowing the yardage of your shot helps you decide which club you’re going to use and what shot you want to play. Laser rangefinders like the Bushnell Tour v2 are important to your game because they remove the guesswork from your calculations.

Bushnell Tour v2 – Handy Size and Practical To Use

The Bushnell Tour Edition laser rangefinder was extremely popular but there was an obvious demand for a smaller, lighter model that appealed to a price point that suited golfers of all levels and not just the pros. So the Bushnell Tour V2 was born and the incredibly positive reception this device has received from golfers internationally says it all.

The Bushnell Tour V2 laser rangefinder is a practical device – you get exact distances in yards or meters to your course target at distances up to 1,000 yards. You’re not going to have to strain your eyes on those long yardages either because the 5X magnification takes that work off you.

Bushnell Tour v2 – Choice of Modes

Scan Mode – this allows you find your target by just scanning across the course in front of you and watch the updated yardage figures as you go. You’re not just limited to set geographical features as in golf GPS devices so you can find the yardage to any target you can see.

PinSeeker Mode (see photo) – this is the mode that will probably appeal to you most. It focuses directly on your target, most likely the flag, and the neat technological package that it is ignores background targets and just gives you exact yardage – which is a major failing of other, cheaper laser rangefinders. The PinSeeker mode is accurate up to about the 275 yard mark.

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Bushnell Tour v2 – Good Looking and Secure

Bushnell have put some thought into how this product looks so you’re not just stuck with the usual black and white or black and silver finish with the Tour V2 – there’s a whole range of cool color schemes that will appeal to all tastes. The rubberized elements also mean it’s comfortable to hold and isn’t going to slip out of your hands if the weather turns a little bit nasty.

If you’re playing a lot of golf during the summer months it’s not a bad idea to have a spare battery with you – the Bushnell can be pretty battery intensive if you’re using it a lot but then that’s true of any single electronic device you can find anywhere. The smart move is to always have spare batteries with you because you never know when you’ll need them plus you can buy the CR2 batteries for this unit in bulk for a few bucks each online.

Bushnell Tour v2 – Use It Straight Out Of The Box

The Tour V2 is a point and shoot affair and you’re not going to have to fiddle around with map downloads or any other kind of technical details. You pick your target, you bounce the laser off it and you get precise yardage instantly. No muss. No fuss. Plus there are no membership fees to pay so it’s a once off cost for massively improving your game.

If you tend to play on hilly courses then you may want to consider theBushnell Tour V2 slope edition. This costs a bit more but it calculates uphill and downhill yardages to make sure you don’t over or under-club. Just be aware, however, that you can’t use the slope feature in competition.

Bushnell Tour V2 User Reviews

“I just tried out my new Bushnell V2 rangefinder yesterday and I really liked it!! I think its more usefull and more accurate than a GPS (its also priced less than most GPS units as well). I highly recommend this rangefinder!!!”

“I couldn’t be happier with the Tour V2 Pinseeker. It is compact, lightweight, accurate and very easy to get distance to the pin or any other object on the course. What more could you want in a yardage measuring device? Highly recommended.”

“Love my Tour V2! I’ve used it in conditions ranging from full sun to cloudy, and from windy to calm, with flag hanging limp, and have been able to get accurate readings to every pin I’ve shot at. There has not been one time that I have been unable to get distance to a tree, face of a trap, or even a rise in the fairway. Works better than I expected.”

Bushnell Tour v2 – Summary

Bushnell have hit the mark with this rangefinder. Simple and comfortable to use, a good size for holding, and with laser precision the Tour v2 is a great addition to your golf bag.

Having the precise distance gives you confidence in your shot selection, takes away the guesswork and should result in better scoring.  The Bushnell Tour v2 may be just what you need to beat your buddies and play your best golf!

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