About Me

Hi! My name is Stephen McTaggart, I’m a mid-handicapper golfer, I live in Scotland, and like most of us in this fair land was exposed to golf as a kid.  Golf is a popular sport in Scotland, and it seems that every family has an old set of clubs under the stairs, or in the garage. As a boy in the summer holidays the week after the Open Championship would see the soccer field transformed into a golf course.

My friends and I would grab a club and ball and whack it into holes made with baked bean tins that had been dug into the ground, with thin branches with t-shirts wrapped on them for flag sticks.


As a teenager my father bought me my first clubs and I would play every now and again with him, until I hit the age of 17 and then the clubs were sold to buy an electric guitar. Surprisingly the world wasn’t ready for my particular brand of rock music(!), but I never went back to golf.

Until I hit 40, that is. It took a bit of time, some sweat and tears, and then some more tears, but eventually I managed to get some kind of game together, and now I enjoy my golf, playing at courses in and around Edinburgh, probably getting out about once per week.

Matchplay is my favourite brand of golf and I love getting my competitive juices flowing.

Golf GPS and Rangefinders

Over the past couple of years I have noticed the birth of the golf gps and rangefinder habit amongst fellow golfers. At first I dismissed them as something of a fad. That was until I used one! I was blown away by how much of a difference it made.

Suddenly my yardages weren’t guesses, and as such my shotmaking and play became more accurate. I sincerely believe that once you play a couple of rounds with one of these devices you’ll find it very strange if you go back to playing without one, especially on unfamiliar courses.

The Birth of BestGolfGadgets.com

I own and run a couple of other successful websites and was looking for another project to get my teeth into. As I love golf I felt that a site on these devices would help me combine my passion for the game with the pleasure building a website gives me. So here we are.

I don’t accept any payments for doing reviews and I’ll always give an honest opinion on any products I get my hands on. Fortunately most of the devices I use do their job very well.

Your feedback and suggestions for the site are very welcome.

All the very best,